SwagBag VIP Reawakens Experiential Marketing and Advertising for Consumer Brands

SwagBag VIP is a Chicagoland start-up brought to fruition as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Using a quarterly at-home delivery process, SwagBag VIP safely* showcases great products, allowing for authentic interactions and social sharing, while shoppers spend more time in their households and remain socially distant.

“As brands and retailers continue to follow COVID-19 health and safety recommendations eliminating public in-person product demonstrations and live events, the ability to get product samples in the hands of consumers will continue to increase,” explained Jeff Sodikoff, co-founder of SwagBag VIP.

SwagBag VIP is a brand amplification platform that connects brands with a select database of Tastemakers. Tastemakers are everyday consumers with a loyal, yet fierce social media following of 1K-2K users on average. Qualified and pre-screened Tastemakers sample four products included in each curated SwagBag* and share their experience with friends, family and followers via word-of-mouth and social media.

“This holiday season, we are excited to offer an innovative and safe process for consumers to weigh in on the latest products available and select brand offerings,” said Sodikoff.

SwagBag VIP focuses on the power of close-knit social media followings. Using hashtags and e-commerce promotion codes, Tastemakers magnify their voice and product experiences across social media. SwagBag VIP focuses on the power of close-knit social media followings.

In time for the holidays, SwagBag VIP is pushing the limits on the consumer experience in 2020. Brands receive social outreach of 1M+ as a result of Tastemaker posts. Survey data is collected from Tastemakers and additional users in the home. This along with tracking and analytics of brand reach.

“The COVID-19 health crisis has forced shoppers to shift their purchasing power online and prioritize safety. Now more than ever, brand managers face new challenges to maximize product exposure,” said Jason Abrahams, co-founder of SwagBag VIP.

“Through this all-inclusive program, our intent is to boost brand awareness, connect consumers and drive excitement and sales for brand partners,” concluded Abrahams.

The first delivery of the SwagBag VIP will ship following Thanksgiving, which is right on time for the holiday season.

For more information on the SwagBag VIP launch, visit swagbagvip.com


*All SwagBag VIP fulfillment and distribution follows CDC guidelines for COVID-19